Section A - Fruit and Vegetables

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for Classes 22 and 29, thank you.

Class No.Class Description
1Potatoes - four.
2Beetroot - three.
3Carrots - three, with green tops.
4Parsnips - two, trimmed to 3 inches (8cm).
5Swede or turnip - one, with foliage only trimmed to 3 inches (8cm).
6Onions - three, under 250g, trimmed.
7Onions - three, from sets, trimmed.
8Onions - three, trimmed.
9Shallots - six.
10Marrow - one, not exceeding 15 inches (38cm).
11Radishes - four.
12Kidney Beans - six.
13Runner Beans - six.
14Green Cabbage - one.
15Red Cabbage - one.
16Cauliflower - one.
17Leeks - two.
18Cucumber - one.
19A Truss of Tomatoes.
20Tomatoes - four.
21Cherry Tomatoes - eight.
22Tomatoes - four, Novice Class ***(See Rule 16)***.
23Chillies - three.
24Any Other Vegetable not Included above - one.
25Heaviest Potato - one. (In clean and sound condition)
26Heaviest Onion - one. (In clean and sound condition)
27Heaviest Marrow - one. (In clean and sound condition)
28Longest Runner Bean. (In clean and sound condition)
29Tray of 3 kinds of Vegetables ***(See Rule 17)***.
30Apples - three.
31Pears - three.
32Plums - four.
33Raspberries - six.
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