Section B - Flowers and Plants

2019 Classes Removed = Chrysanthemums - three blooms, Pot Plant - Fuchsia, and Pot Plant - Geranium zonal.

2019 New Classes = Rudbeckia - three Stems, Pot Plant - Pepper any variety, and Pot Plant - Carnivorous.

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations for Class 47, thank you.

Class No.Class Description
34Chrysanthemums - three stems, vase of sprays.
35Rudbeckia - three stems.
36Gladioli - two, spikes.
37Dahlias - three, pompons.
38Dahlias - three, decoratives.
39Dahlias - three, cactus or semi-cactus.
40Dahlias - one, giant or large.
41Pansies or Violas - six.
42Rose - one specimen as grown.
43Fuchsia Florets - six, 1 or more varieties.
44Single Rose Buttonhole - own foliage.
45Gents Buttonhole, single flower, not a rose.
46Vase of Cut Mixed Flowers not otherwise scheduled, arranged to effect.
47Vase of Annuals - ***(See Rule 18)***.
48Flower and Vegetable - one of each.
49Pot Plant - Foliage.
50Pot Plant - Flower.
51Pot Plant - Pepper, any variety.
52Pot Plant - Carnivorous.
53Pot Plant - Cactus.
54Pot Plant - Succulent.
55Pot Plant - Bonsai - (In owners possession for at least 2 years).
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